Mozzafiato means breathtaking in Italian, and that’s what we’ve called our home because the views from it are truly breathtaking. The house looks out onto the Orfento Gorge straight up at some of the Apennines’ highest peaks. It’s in Abruzzo’s Majella National Park on the edge of a small village called Decontra.

Majellla - The view from Decontra

The view from Decontra

Although it is just two hours from Rome, and only 40 minutes from Pescara on the Adriatic, Decontra is a place that seems almost forgotten in time.

The Majella is an area of extraordinary natural beauty with some of Europe’s rarest plants and animals. It is, without doubt, one of Italy’s great secrets – an experience for people who love nature, who love walking in the mountains and who appreciate the simplicity and serenity of this region’s way of life.

This website is for people who may be interested in a holiday in Abruzzo, and more specifically the Majella, and who may want to consider renting our house in Decontra. The house is also available for retreats and workshops. We invite you to have a look around the site.

The Majella park comprises nearly 100 square miles of pristine mountains and gasp-inducing canyons to enjoy. And judging from our experience, anyone coming here pretty much has it to themselves.

~Dixe Wills, The Guardian, April 2013