Exploring Abruzzo

If you fancy exploring Abruzzo a little, the Majella is right in the middle and from Decontra within easy driving distance of a great variety of things to see and do.


If want to stay close to home, about 20 minutes from Decontra, at Bolognano you’ll find the vineyards and gustations of Zaccagnini, Abruzzo’s most famous winemaker. Bolognano is also a beautiful little medieval town that sits above the river Orta where a short walk away on a bend in the river you can go for a dip in a natural pool complete with waterfall.

If you fancy a swim in the Adriatic and a liesurely lunch later at a seaside cafe, there are many lovely beaches north and south of Pescara which are just 45 minutes away.

Abruzzo Coast


Abruzzo’s other great national park, Gran Sasso, with its vast, dramatic landscapes and the Apennines’ highest peak, Corno Grande at 2912 metres, is about an hour’s drive away. Here too you’ll find Santo Stefano di Sessanio, an almost perfectly preserved borgo whose wool trade prospered under their Medici masters.


In winter, also about an hour’s drive from Decontra, there are many ski resorts in Abruzzo. The best skiing in the Apennines can be found on what is known as the Cinquemiglia, a five-mile long, 1,200m-high plain with top stations at 2000 metres.

For some culture and history, and also about an hour away, head for Sulmona rebuilt almost entirely in the Baroque style after an earthquake destroyed much of the town in the 18th century; or continue on to Scanno, the little borgo next to its lake sketched by Edward Lear, and later photographed by Henri Cartier Bresson.



And if you are really ambitious, even Rome, with all it has to offer, is within a reasonable distance  drive at about two hours from Decontra. To find out more about what there is to see in Abruzzo within comfortable driving distance of Decontra, have a look at some of the posts at the bottom.